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About 3E

Mission Statement

To help educators everywhere enhance environmental education.

3E Overview


3E was developed by Jennifer Whipp (see the About Me page for more information) and targets educators in both traditional classrooms, and environmental education settings. 


This resource contains information to help educators improve environmental education using tools and practices that are readily available to them.


Now! Environmental education has never been more important than it is right now. Educating the next generation of environmental protectors has to start with this generation of teachers. 


Everywhere! Although, this resource specifically targets Ontario's curriculum, the principles and practices presented here can be applied anywhere.


The importance of environmental education cannot be understated, yet research shows that teachers need more resources to help them effectively implement environmental education in their practice, and so, here we are!


3E is divided into numerous sections to help educators best meet their needs. See the descriptions below for more details.

Navigating 3E

Environmental Education

This section provides educators with an overview of environmental education including what it is, it's goals, the barriers teachers face in implementing it, and the best practices and strategies to overcome said barriers. 


This section identifies ways in which technology can be integrated into environmental education, providing a list of tools and strategies for educators, as well as the benefits to such an endeavor. 


This section defines gamification, provides an overview of how to implement gamification in your classroom, and discusses ways in which environmental education can be gamified. 

Children's Literature

This section takes an indepth look at the effective use of children's literature in environmental education and includes a book selection checklist for educators. 


Want to know more? Check out the resources section of the 3E website where I have compiled a list of additional resources to help you including recommended books, 3E presentations & guides, and video samples.

Sample Lesson Plans

Need practical ideas for implementing what you've learned? Look no further. I have put together sample lesson plans to help you, focusing on the integration of technology into environmental education.


The final section of the 3E website is home to my Master's portfolio! Take a look for more information. 

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